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New Year Swan

Observed: 1st January 2012 By: MartincitoMartincito’s reputation in BirdsMartincito’s reputation in BirdsMartincito’s reputation in BirdsMartincito’s reputation in Birds
New Year Swan
Enjoying the pond
Filtered water mmmm!
I've a feeling someone's watching me
Anyone in?
Aren't I lovely?
Knock knock

We woke on New Year's Day to find this unexpected visitor in the garden. There isn't enough room for a big bird to take off and so, with the gate shut, it was trapped. It didn't seem too concerned though, swimming on our small pond, sipping the freshly filtered water from the "fountain", inspecting the border and finally giving the conservatory door a peck or two. Molly the cat seemed as astonished as we were. Eventually we opened the gates and, using a carrot and stick approach (actually bread and broom) we gently guided the swan down the side of the house, out the front gate and round into the park. When it saw its partner on the pond in the park it took off and glided down to join it. My daughter shed a tear to see such a wonderful sight. Meanwhile that swan had a tricky job explaining how it's New Year celebrations had kept it away all night!

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Wonderful picture story with the right

ending!Glad your drop in visitor found its way home.We have had herons but no swans that near our garden or pond.Had ducks eating and making a right mess of our pond plants in our last garden though.

Hazel Trevan

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Wonderful photos!

I've been looking forward to seeing them but haven't been on iSpot for a week, - OU final assessment due and of course I was all behind!I love the cat watching in disbelief and the swan drinking from the fountain. Thank you!

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It is great when nature come

It is great when nature come to you rather than having to go out hunting for it... except some of those wood-rotting fungi.. one of which seemed to be taking an interest in my fencepost recently. Rather than "observing" it, I immediately scraped it off with a spade!