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Home town

Have you put your home town in your user profile? I only just got round to doing this myself as its slightly hidden away. To do it go to 'my profile' then 'edit' then 'personal information' and then you can fill in the hometown.
Its probably not a good idea to give your exact address but giving the town adds interest and may give more of a sense of community rather than just floating about in cyberspace. There is no obligation to fill in this information and some people prefer not to.
At the moment I am thinking about possible ways of looking at community interactions, for example is someone in Chorley able to help with identifying an observation made in Cheam. On iSpot it does not matter how far away the person is. An expert might be able to identify observations from Lerwick, Penzance, Dover, Newcastle and Belfast all within an afternoon on iSpot but could not physically get round all those locations within the time. Some of the more interesting ways of looking at these interactions need approximate information on where the person making the ID or comment is. These types of analysis would be anonymous.



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There was a reason

I did have a reason not to show my location. It is now in the past. I will put it on.