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Black poplar flowers

Observed: 1st April 2010 By: allison_reid99allison_reid99’s reputation in Plantsallison_reid99’s reputation in Plantsallison_reid99’s reputation in Plants
populus nigra

This years flowers .....from tall (40') trees. I remember slightly glossy, heart(ish)-shaped leaves and seeing the down around from last year. I've never noticed the flowers before.
I don't know enough to id further. Trees are not narrow crowned though. Populus nigra is dioecious so presumably this is the male?

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Probably a hybrid

I think this is probably one of the hybrid Black Poplars as the buds look too large for a Wild Black Poplar. The flowers are certainly male but if you remember down from a previous year there is obviously a female poplar nearby as well as the down covers the seeds.

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Looks more like Lombardy Poplar

Colin Jacobs.
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