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Orthosia sp

Observed: 28th March 2010 By: Tony TownerTony Towner’s reputation in InvertebratesTony Towner’s reputation in InvertebratesTony Towner’s reputation in Invertebrates

Found in my Robinson Moth Trap.
Unsure as to whether it is a Clouded Drab or a Lead-coloured Drab.
I know the Clouded Drab is much more common, but my gut feeling is the Lead-coloured Drab. The forewing looks round tipped and there appear to be black marks on the inner edge of the outermost cross line.

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Hi Tony,

I must admit I'm not sure about this one, and personally I don't think I could decide for sure which of the two species it is just from the photo. Do you have aspen or poplar nearby?

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There used to be several poplar trees nearby, but I'm pretty sure they have all been cut down now. I will have to walk round the estate and check more thoroughly.

However, I do remember the size of this drab was much smaller than that of a Clouded Drab.