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Knowledgeable about

Just out of interest what does the knowledgeable about badge mean in terms of the calculation of likely IDs and the reputation system.

I know what "expert" does but cannot seem to find "Knowledgeable" in the help files.



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As far as I recall

As far as I recall knowledgeable is half expert. Will check that this info gets into the relevant bit of help or other area where these things are explained.

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How are you classed as knowledgeable as I presume with expert that you would either teach the subject or be in charge or run a project on the subject.I would like to know do the knowledgeable people have a qualification in the subject or is it just years of experience.I will not name people but there are a couple of knowledgeable badged people who seem to not know basic common species and this frustrates me when you have some who have no badge but is obvious that they know what there talking about.If this matter is to be discussed more in depth about whom this concerns I feel it would be better done vie the iSpot email as I personally would not wish to name any on an open forum and would not even say which category it was.


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It does strike me that in some groups (perhaps particularly invertebrates) where the claim to be knowledgable or expert across the field is implausible that it might be nice if there was a way for an expert to reply disapplying their expert status.

Or similarly for someone like me to switch off the effects of my five points in inverts when identifying an invert of an order with which I have no familiarity.

Probably not really worth the resources it would require the iSpot team to develop this though.

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