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Observed: 11th January 2011 By: VictoriaAnneCoshall
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Have you any more thoughts about this Simon (Refugee)?
I suspect that Vikki has left the arena, so we cannot alter the posting to an invertebrate (for instance). Neither is it tagged as marine so it could well be lost forever.
It IS a very interesting blob but I don't think it can be Whelk eggs as they are delivered inside protective cases.
The way it is attached and hanging (out of water) it might be an anemone.

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I have only looked at other

I have only looked at other photos and took a guess at it.
The membrane may be very thin and not visible when the tide is out.
I have never lived close to the coast on a permanent basis so have not had that much chance to study coastal species in any detail.


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I relocated this on my search for Marine Eggs - as you do!
We will never be certain what this is - a rounded, globular mass of eggs (if you enlarge the picture). But there is a structure I have not seen before and careful a search of available material - books, papers and the Web, gives no precise clues.
It does resolve into an egg mass IF you enlarge picture 2. And, as it is in, or near, the sea (not where the map indicates) then we must assume marine.
Whatever though, this is not a normal egg cluctch from a Common Whelk nor is it an Other Organism, which was showing when I arrived.