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Mammal prints

Observed: 6th August 2010 By: Mike Drew
Mammal prints

can you help with the ID of this foot print please?

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What type of habitat was it found in as would help with identification.


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I found the prints on some

I found the prints on some soft mud along the river. I couldn't see any feeding signs or droppings. as far as vegetation there was water mint and yellow flag iris.

Mike Drew

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The print fits with adult Hedgehog,they do cross water and it suggest's that they are likely to swim too.It show's the prints to be exactly the same as ones shown in an old Mammal tracks book I have.I have agreed with KelsaeJohn well spotted as I was looking at rat prints to begin with.


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Hedgehog prints

These prints are perfect, they show every detail. It's not often we have such clear prints to identify on iSpot!

Graham Banwell

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