Beetle found in NZ garage

Observed: 18th January 2012 By: RICASALAMAT
beetle found in NZ garage

Just move to New Zealand (top of South Island Blenheim) and keep finding these beetles lying on their backs in my garage. They are waving their legs in air and seem unable to turn over. Houses here are wood framed and I want to know if this is a beetle that is coming out of my wood frame or coming in from a log pile etc. Will it eat my house?

  • burnt pine longhorn (Arhopalus tristis)
    Confidence: It might be this.
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I would be prepared to say that you are safe from damage. It looks like they have come into contact with treated wood. The pesticide manufacturer will count it as a success even if they lay on there backs for weeks before they die. They may well be breeding in the pile of untreated wood outside.