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Cornish Seaweed

Observed: 19th December 2011 By: Aardillas
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Found on a rocky shoreline at Castle Beach, Falmouth.
The Length of each frond was roughly 6-7cm and were attached together at the base, hanging on the side of a rock pool.

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Beautifully presented specimen

Chondrus crispus is a small purplish-red seaweed (up to 22 cm long) found on rocky shores and in pools. The fronds grow dichotomously from a narrow, unbranched stipe and are flat and wide with rounded tips. This seaweed is highly variable in appearance depending on the level of wave exposure of the shore and has a tendency to turn green in strong sunlight. Underwater, the tips of the frond can be iridescent.

Mastocarpus stellatus, (Recent synonym Gigartina stellata) is similar.   The main features separating the two species being the channelled frond and appearance of reproductive bodies on mature plants in M. stellatus.

Information from    http://www.marlin.ac.uk/


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Nice but

Oh that Seaweeds were seen as Marine Algae or that people tagged such things as Marine. Then, lazy people like me would find GEMS like this more quickly and easily.
Nice picture Oliver (where-ever you are!) and nice ID Jo. (I know where you are!)