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A female Chaffinch, but one fluffed up, which is hiding the distinctive wing pattern. A female Siskin would have streaking on the back and would show a smaller beak with more streaking and some yellow on the face, among other differences.


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Tail colour

The lack of yellow in the tail is a useful clue which rules out Siskin

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OK thanks, it's just that I've never seen such a green looking Chaffinch before.

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Shes been ringed I see :)

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I've blown up the image of the ring but I cannot make out anything useful, you may do better though.

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Ring 'upside down'

The ring is upside down, with the very small text at the bottom saying something like 'inform Brit Museum' - the larger digits at the top are upside down numbers, but there are insufficient digits visible to get the 7 digits of an A sized ring required to identify the individual bird.

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thanks everyone. Really

thanks everyone. Really surprised. Didnt think it was a chaffinch, but have learned something here