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Unknown bird 3

Observed: 14th January 2012 By: Apaulo1990
Unknown bird 3
Unknown bird 2
Unknown bird 1

I do not recognize this bird, nor can I find anything like it in the books I have. I wonder if anyone can identify it? It looks like a sparrow but has a lot of white markings on head, back, wings and chest

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Unknown Bird

I'm fairly certain this is a house sparrow. The extensive white markings suggest it is what is known as a leucistic bird (part albino)

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Leucistic house sparrow

Thanks so much for helping - I wondered if there was such a thing as alinism in birds. Now I know. I saw the little leucistic sparrow several more times, and got better photos this weekend which I will upload when I have a minute or two.

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See http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/241035.



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