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Observed: 10th June 2011 By: DaudiDaudi’s reputation in InvertebratesDaudi’s reputation in InvertebratesDaudi’s reputation in Invertebrates

Am reviewing moth photos from 2011 and have a few Micros unidentified. Help appreciated! iSpot has been great in my first year of looking at moths - thank you.

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Species with which Plum Tortrix (Hedya pruniana) interacts


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Plum Tortrix

Thank you for the comments - appreciated.


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angle of photo

For these tortrix species it is really useful if you can get a photo that is angled perpendicular to one of the wings, i.s. a sort of 'side-on' view that shows a single wing as a flat plane. No doubt it's too late for that advice to be helpful for 2011, but might help in 2012!

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Tortrix photos

Thanks for the advice - I will be trying again in 2012, and just a little bit more clued up now! Thank you.