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Mulberry days

Observed: 31st December 2011 By: DavidHowdon
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Enough others have agreed with the wingtag ID so here are the details of this bird taken from http://friendsofredkites.org.uk/page13.htm#c.
A male born in the Chilterns in 2006 and released in the North-east as part of the Northern Kites project in 2006. This kite bred in 2008 and produced two chicks and then (possibly) in 2010 and (unsuccessfully) in 2011.
This kite was adopted by Brandling Primary School, Felling, Gateshead and given the name Mulberry

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Wing code

I think I can make out the wing code as


which would make it Mulberry (see http://friendsofredkites.org.uk/page13.htm#c)

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I would agree that it is 79


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I will gather a few agreements and then submit the record.

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David, It looks like 79 to me as well.

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Satellite tag

Presumably the back pack is a satellite or radio tag.

I read it as 79 Pink with a blue bar - left wing.

All the best


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Oddly the number actually looks clearer on these processed jpeg images than it does on the raw (cr2) files out of the camera.

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Green not Blue


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Red Kite

Definitely Wing Tag 79, David.
The left tag is pink with green for the year Mulberry was released - 2006

All the individual Kite Histories are now on our website, so you can read about any kite you succeed in identifying.

There is also a Roost Watch in February for Members of the Friends of Red Kites - details also on the website.

The small radio transmitters last only about two years, so nowadays identification rests on visual cues, as you have done here, David. Thanks for posting!

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