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Winter plumage

Observed: 15th January 2012 By: corylus
Isle of Wight Natural History & Archaeological Soc
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Winter plumage complicated my ID as I have different birds in first shot.Assume I have plumage variation as in bird book notes.

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I don't quite follow your comment above, but I think you are right in your ID. I think you have a male and a female, that is all. However, the paler, female bird is not far from the appearance of a continental White Wagtail, so you have to be a bit careful in assuming all are Pied Wagtail, especially down where you are: Once passage starts, you would expect to see both White and Pieds.


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Colouration sorted thanks to your comments,

Thought it was obvious I had a pair until I saw laptop views & had to decide with help of book pics & info.This is where Ispot scores as there is so much more here plus so much personal expertise & help.Look forward to your agreement,Ophrys.

Hazel Trevan