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Colourful bracket.

Observed: 11th January 2012 By: moremothmoremoth’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensmoremoth’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensmoremoth’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensmoremoth’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Colourful bracket, top view.
Colourful bracket, underside.

Colourful brackets growing in circles on a dead Beech.


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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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S. subtomentosum

I would never have been able to identify this, as it does not appear in Roger Phillips' "Mushrooms." Is there a better reference?

Bill Welch

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Sterry & Hughes

It is in this book. There are a lot of species illustrated but not much guidance on how to distinguish them.

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Bill There are hundreds of

There are hundreds of books out there it depends on what you are looking for.
Phillips is a good book but "only" describes 900 or so species. Jordans Encyclopedia is also good but "only" describes 1000 or so. I am not sure how many the Collins book includes but have heard good reports. The problem with all of these is that they cannot include every know species and have to be selective.
The Fungi of Switzerland books, 6 so far, include many more of the British species but at £80 - £120 EACH. The new Funga Nordica has 2675 species a bargain at c£100. Then there are books purely on Mycena £90 Lactarius £50 Hygrocybe Hebeloma there is even one dedicated to fungi found on dung.
So each book you buy will add to the enjoyment but also the frustration (especially when the photos and descriptions in your books disagree).

Ps just checked Collins 1500 species

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Thanks - I will get s copy.

Bill Welch

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I like the Collins guide,

I like the Collins guide, though it lacks any reference to microscopic characteristics. Also Michael Jordan's book which does.

They are both on Amazon


... and ...

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Michael Jordan's book

Michael Jordan's book includes keys which are (usually) very useful in establishing which genus to consider for a given unknown mushroom.

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Thanks again!

Thanks again! I just like to know what it is I am looking at. A copy of the Collins Guide and also one of Jordan's book will come in handy to start with, without straining the budget a lot. I am trying to get the basic books for quite a few things.

Bill Welch