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Visitor to the garden

Observed: 13th September 2011 By: Galington1986
On the arm
close-up 2

Saw this in our garden trying to escape a spider's web. Never seen one this size before,measures approx 8-10cm, surely not a UK native?

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Not everyone sees the comments

so hope you get this message.Had these in our garden in the 60's in Southampton.Have lived across S.England in various counties & had them.Dont remember any whilst in Cheshire for 3years but they were probably there.Could nt get the NBN map to work too slow.

Hazel Trevan

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Great Green Bush Cricket

Just to follow up previous comment, we get these in our garden on the south coast of the Isle of Wight every summer, and also got them when we lived in the centre of the Island.

David J Trevan

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Have seen them in

Have seen them in Oxfordshire. Seem to recall they can give a nasty nip if they choose to.