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Cellaria fistulosa (washed up after high tide) Newgate Gap

Observed: 11th January 2012 By: nc5339
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course completeThanet Coast Project
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Cellaria fistulosa (washed up after high tide) Newgate Gap

Ivory white,approx 5mm in height.When examined with viewing glass, jointed cup shaped modules seen. Washed up possibly after high spring tide.

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A google image

Judging by the green frond (possibly of an Ulva) I suspect a mistype of 50mm height.
It is really nothing like the Hydroid Cellaria fistulosa - best seen here
The articulated appearance and slight traces of purple suggest (to me) the coraline alga Corallina officinalis
Ironically the clearest photo in Google images is this very one, which suggests that we all need to be cautious if using Google for confirmation!
We should be glad that it is not Grouped as a Invertebrate - hooray, as will now be seen in Other Observations!