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Connemara Ponies

Observed: 9th July 2009 By: deKatdeKat’s reputation in MammalsdeKat’s reputation in Mammals
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Spotted wild in the Connemare National Park

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    Connemara Ponies
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Connemara Ponies

They are lovely.Are they truly wild or owned as the New Forest Ponies are, but allowed to roam free?
Wendy Knight

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No, they are truly wild, and

No, they are truly wild, and roam free in the countryside - beautiful!

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Connemara Ponies

Connemara Ponies are large ponies being 12-14 hands (120 - 145cm). This is at the maximum height for a pony, 14.2 hands (147cm).

Sorry to disappoint but the ponies in the National Park are introduced and managed by the Connemara Pony Breeders Society.

For more information visit the National park web site:

Graham Banwell

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Sorry, didn't realise this-

Sorry, didn't realise this- we were led to believe otherwise by those we were staying with! Thanks for letting me know