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Looks good to me. Another

Looks good to me. Another feature you did not mention is the relatively longer tail of Twite than Linnet, obvious here. The best clue is the call, which is unmistakeable. http://www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/birdguide/name/t/twite/index.aspx (play the mp3 in the top L corner).



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Tricky Photo

I find this a tricky photo.

While the bird marked with 1 and 3 appears to have an unstreaked throat it also appears if it might have a small black chin - this may be a trick of light, but if it is a black chin, then this would be a Redpoll, which also has along tail. The bird with a 2 and the bird on the right appear to have streaked throats and grey heads and are probably Linnets. Twite have unstreaked sandy apricot chins and throats.

As Murdo has said, calls can be helpful, but difficult to include on i-spot!

A very useful characteristic at this time of the year is that many twite have yellow bills, but I cannot see these clearly in the photo.

It may be that this is a mixed flock, but I would like to see some more photos if you have them, before I would confirm these as Twite.

Best wishes


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I'm happy to be wrong about

I'm happy to be wrong about this picture, but I have a question. Lesser Redpoll is a pretty small finch, but the one in the picture that you said might be one is at least as large as the birds to the left which you said may be Linnets, unless you think it is one of the larger Redpoll species?

Twite had been reported at this site a day or so previously, but only a flock of 18. The flock I saw had at least 30 - 40 birds in it, so it is possible that there was a mixture of species, a couple of which are represented in the photo.

I still am very sure that the call they were making as they flew into the tree next to the hide was a perfect match for the Twite call on the RSPB website, so that does seem to indicate a mixture. I will see if any of the other photos taken are in any state of reasonable focus.

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Fair enough

I don't doubt that there were Twite in the Blacktoft Sands area as they a relatively widespread on the east coast at this time of the year.

I was just not convinced there was enough in this photo to say that other species have been excluded. Redpolls also have long tails and also have very small bills, which this photo also shows.

Best considered not proven (to use a good Scottish term!)

All the best