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Ant Hump

Observed: 7th October 2011 By: ch7343
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This hump seems to get bigger each year. I shall measure it against the gravestone next time I visit

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I have never known of an active mole hill to have grass growing on it. I suspect this is more likely to be an ant's nest - but I wouldn't put money on it!

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I will check this summer, thank you everyone. Celia

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If you just scratch the

If you just scratch the surface where the soil is loose and recent on a sunny day, yellow-brown ants should rush out to repel you and fix the damage.

The grass on it is rather long. They build the mound to catch the sun, so it would benefit from a short back and sides with some kitchen scissors.

If you lay a flat stone on top to catch the sun and act like a storage heater, they will tend to cluster underneath it. It gives you a non-damaging way of demonstrating the occupants.

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Ant hill

I'm certain this is an ant hill, I suggest you move it to the invertebrate section of iSpot they may be able to tell you which species based on the area.

Graham Banwell

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