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Badger footprint

Observed: 12th January 2012 By: ch7343
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I must remember to have a 50p coin with me whenever I go out, so as to be able to measure the size of things like this footprint which I imagined to be a fox or badger (too small for a squirrel or rat according to my FSC guide ... but fear it is a domestic dog). Does anyone know, or is the photograph too indistinct?

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Thanks you for this ... Yes, when I say 'small', I of course mean 'big'. We do have badgers in the wood, I have see their poo areas, but not worked out where they are living ... maybe fields away? I will look out for more prints now, thank you.

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This is a badger print, as mentioned, note the overall square shape of the print. The second photo even shows the fifth claw (only seen in the clearest prints and only in badgers.

Graham Banwell

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