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Mountain Hare

Observed: 12th January 2012 By: darrengreendarrengreen’s reputation in Mammalsdarrengreen’s reputation in Mammals

A deceased Mountain Hare in its winter pelage. Approximately 20 inches in length.

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Mountain hare

Interesting this hare has turned, is there much snow up there? In warmer winters the hares often don't turn or have a partial moult.

Graham Banwell

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Snow cover

Presuming the date is accurate, there was plenty of snow around, but this was around the start of a thaw which would see snowcover dramatically reduced for the rest of the season. The snow line around this time was around 2,000 feet.
It is quite common to see still white hares in late spring when low level snow has gone.
The start of this year has been poor as far as snow cover is concerned with the warmest March on record. (I regularly snowboard in Scotland till end of April - not this year though!).

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