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House Mouse ?

Observed: 27th October 2011 By: davidcaron62davidcaron62’s reputation in Mammalsdavidcaron62’s reputation in Mammals

Small dead mouse.

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Dead Mice

Why do they keep turning up dead - Do you have an office cat?

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No cat has access to inside

No cat has access to inside the office but there are always some hanging around outside. The mice turn up from time to time dead in various parts of the building. We don't have any posion or traps down but the adjoining shops may have as they are fast food outlets.


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Dead Mice

I think the adjacent fast food outlets may explain it. They most probably do use poison and, of course, this takes a little time to take effect giving the mice ample time to find their way into your office.

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Seems a shame as other than

Seems a shame as other than finding them dead we would never know they were there.

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House mouse

Note the uniform drab, dirty-looking colour. Other mice have a definitely paler clean-looking underside.

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