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The view's better from up here!

Observed: 29th April 2008 By: KelsaeJohnKelsaeJohn’s reputation in BirdsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in BirdsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in BirdsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in Birds
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what bird are they?

what are them other birds in the background?

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Birds in background

They look like one of the corvids, although difficult to tell from the
photo. Do you get Ravens in this area?

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What birds?

Good question! I have a feeling the one on the right is a Buzzard (Buteo buteo) but I'm not sure about the one on the left - the picture was taken a while ago. When I first noticed them, my first though was that it was a crow, but it doesn't really look like one; Does it?

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No ravens in this locale (to the best of my knowledge) However, crows and jackdaws are common. If anyone else has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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I would be amazed if a few Ravens are not seen in your area, as they are spreading east quite quickly.

These birds are both corvids, and possibly Rook might be the answer, as the silhouette looks better for that, to me. the right-hand bird is not a Buzzard...the head is too long and the wings are not broad enough...etc. Better just to leave them as corvids, I think.


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If your first impression for

If your first impression for the bird on the right was Buzzard, then
the bird to the left is probably a crow escorting the Buzzard off its patch.

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First impression

Yes, that's exactly why 'Crow' sprung to mind.

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Ravens - ophrys

Hi Ian, you may very well be right about both being corvids. Buzzard, on my part, was really just a guess. As for Ravens, however, I am sceptical: the habitat around here just isn't right.