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Observed: 1st April 2010 By: sm8835
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a pair of swallows soaking up the sunshine

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House Martins

Looking at the tail and the white rump I would say that they were House Martins

Laurie Daunt

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You can't actually see the

You can't actually see the rump in these pictures. I would agree if there was a white rump shown then you could consider House Martin, however, Swallows also have a white undertail-coverts (something they share with House Martins) which is clearly on show here, and if you look at the photos in their largest size you can see red on the faces that would be a positive ID of Swallow.

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Jizz and long tail streamers confirm Barn Swallow

Colin Jacobs.
Wild Flower Society member

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I agree - these are Swallows.

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bad photo but those are swallows...

They have the longer pointed wing ends (thats a technical term us naturalists use) which house martins with their blunt wings don't. No doubt at all.