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Who's singing?

I thought it might be interesting to record which birds are starting to sing as the year progresses - as New Years Day was a write off I've started on the second of Jan

Jan 2 - Robin, wren, dunnock, great tit, song thrush, wood pigeon

Jan 10 - Greenfinch, coal tit

Jan 11 - Goldcrest

Jan 12 - Blackbird

Perhaps others would like to add their own observations?



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Heard a Blackbird singing loudly from a rooftop in early December!
Not sure why it was singing so loudly at this time of year, perhaps a new bird taking over a territory?
Also Mistle and Song Thrush very loudly from mid December

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bird song

Also Cetti's warblers, feral pigeons and collared doves which sing pretty much all year anyway. Blue tits have also been singing around here (Dorset) since well before Christmas. I would suggest this is a fairly standard list for any mild period in mid-winter.

Bob Ford

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bird song

I forgot skylark, which were singing well last week on Portland.

Bob Ford

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House sparrow

Here in the east midlands i have seen house sparrows forming twittering clusters while they sort out there nesting sites. Far fewer last year due ti 2 foot of snow so bad that we had a crack in a stone water butt surround.


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Greater spooted woodpecker

Greater spooted woodpecker dumming at 0830 this morning

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March 21 - my first Chiffchaff

First one heard calling, though I've saw one on 11 February, presumably one that over-wintered.

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They are singing en masse

They are singing en masse here as the migrants arrive and join in with the over winterers

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I've just seen and heard my

I've just seen and heard my first of the year, although it's not the earliest I've seen them - that was April 2 in 2010. Also saw five Sand Martins this morning, these were my first sightings this year too.

Also heard (but didn't see) a Blackcap.

Hopefully the Willow Warblers will be here soon - it was 9 April when I saw my earliest last year.

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There was a big fall of

There was a big fall of Willow Warbler round here a week ago