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Plant ID

Observed: 2nd August 2011 By: nickbnickb’s reputation in Plantsnickb’s reputation in Plants
Unknown clover Trifolium squamosum possibly .....Oxwich Bay NNR Agust 2011

Clover i think from Oxwich Bay NNR Dunes

Species interactions

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Species with which Small scabious (Scabiosa columbaria) interacts


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Nice clear shot

reminded me of Scabious "Paper Moon" which was grown for the flower heads.Welcome to Ispot.

Hazel Trevan

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I have posted a couple of

I have posted a couple of pictures of thrift -which is still flowering here - hope this helps - if people want I can post pictures of (devil's bit) scabious so people can see the difference

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The black bristles are diagnostic of small scabious I believe

Bob Ford