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Immature Marbled Beauty caterpillar?

Observed: 25th January 2010 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebrates
Marbled Beauty 25.1 (10), 13mm max.

Only 13/14mm long.

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Looks good

for that species, perhaps slighly yellower than I would expect but I think from the colour of the leaf that is a photographic artifact.

Interesting species to rear on, a lichen feeder and very cryptic when in its lichen enclosure.

See for an example.

David Howdon

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Sorry but what is a

Sorry but what is a photographic artifact?



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I believe it's something in a

I believe it's something in a photo that causes other things to change colour, often overexposure. In this case it would be the leaf. I think that's right!?

Yes, good find anyway, I've seen some examples of this species that are quite yellow, similar shade to yours, but they are usually a bit more orange..

Best wishes,

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Hi David, I found this little

Hi David, I found this little caterpillar climbing up concrete in January. I didnt know they were lichen feeders and I thought it was trying to find a secure place to pupate. It was returned to its wall after having its image taken at home where the camera was.

Dont be mislead by the colour. For some reason, when I upload from my memory card to my laptop, my images (taken on one specific camera and only it) lose a lot of colour. I then have to try to enhance the image without overdoing it, sometimes I over do it! Your eyes are not misleading you, my interference is!


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Grey card

One trick for digital photography is to take a photograph with a photographers grey card somewhere in the image. These are cards of a know colour (90% grey) so you can either use them to set you white balance when shooting or with photoediting software you can then adjust using that to set the white balance and get colours close to correct.

For example for voucher shots I tend to shoot on a grey card with a ruler to show scale - e.g.

David Howdon