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Help! Where did it go?

I have just suggested an ID to an observation to one of the photo's in the second row of pics. (Current Feature: help with confirming observations). However, after I returned to the main page, the Observation photo had disappeared! Is that normal, or has something gone wrong?



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Well done! I go through them occasionally and try to sort the odd one out. Basically, once you have given an accepted ID, it no longer requires confirmation and so it 'disappears'. Of course, it is still on the system, but returned to the thousands of other identified photos. I suppose you could find it by doing a search for the species, if you wanted to look at it again.


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It takes a while

I have done an ID on one and then wanted to add more and it took a while to find it again as it was a fairly common one that had been missed.


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Add the observation to your favourites to keep track of it

Add the observation to your favourites if you want to keep track of it

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