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Observed: 21st January 2010 By: pirayaguarapirayaguara’s reputation in Mammalspirayaguara’s reputation in Mammalspirayaguara’s reputation in Mammals
bloched genet jpeg
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    Likely ID
    blotched genet
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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was this in the wild or in a

was this in the wild or in a wildlife park enclosure?

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It was a wild animal that

It was a wild animal that entered a bar - common genet often enter buildings (and are encouraged to do so as they hunt rodents) but this is the only time I have seen this species do so.

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Very interesting, how big is

Very interesting, how big is it - bigger than domestic cat? Can just imagine it leaping down onto a table and running off with your dinner.

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Large-spotted genet

I know these as the large-spotted genet (Genetta tigrina) (the name used by the IUCN) though they are also known as Cape genets as well - hay, why have one name when you can have three!

One complaint, why is it the photos of genets that have appeared on iSpot all have the most distinctive feature separating small-spotted from large-spotted genet hidden behind something? It's the tip of the tail, if it is striped all the way down, often with a white tip, it is the small-spotted genet and the other has a large black tip to the tail.

In this case the photo is so good I don't need to see the tail tip, small-spotted genets are black and white whilst the large-spotted genets are black, white and ginger - this one has very ginger spots.

I know the small-spotted genet is the one kept as pets so I'd expect it to be the least afraid of humans; I couldn't say how rare it is for the large-spotted to come into houses but I do believe it is more timid.

As for the size, it's about the size of a very large tabby or small dog and I'm sure it would be more than capable of pinching your leg of lamb!

Graham Banwell

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The scientific name is the

The scientific name is the same at least - Kingdom gives eight species of genet plus aquatic genet and two of linsang.

I believe the Romans domesticated common genet before they got cats from the Eygptians and this is why there is a small population of them in Spain.