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Observed: 2nd July 2005 By: KelsaeJohnKelsaeJohn’s reputation in InvertebratesKelsaeJohn’s reputation in InvertebratesKelsaeJohn’s reputation in Invertebrates
Gold Dragon Enlarged Jul05
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ID Comment

The yellow panels on the side of the thorax and the presence of pale antehumeral stripes indicate a Common Darter. The Ruddy Darter has a uniform brown thorax.

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Abdomen shape is perhaps better in this case.

The parallel sided abdomen is the strongest indication that this is a Common Darter in my opinion.

It is an immature male, so if it was a Ruddy Darter the 'pinched' abdomen shape should be obvious. Immature males are yellow to begin with, and can have pale antehumeral stripes + have yellow thorax sides at first, so it is unwise to rely on these features for ID. The best ID feature for immature Ruddy Darters of both sexes is that the legs lack yellow stripes (a feature shared with a few other darter species but not Common Darter), though the legs can not be seen clearly in this photo.