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Observed: 6th January 2012 By: newmanor1

I attach photographs of a 'den' I found today in amongst game cover of maize and sunflowers on the east side of a mixed (but predominately conifer) wood, which is approx 20m from a fenland drain (with water). The 'den' seemed to be heavily used and the pathways very compacted, despite the damp weather lately, I was unable to detect any viable tracks. The holes are no bigger than a tennis ball and I wondered if it was Mink or Polecat ? I surveyed the area for some 20m and could find no evidence of any latrine which I thought might help me identify the residents ? There was no evidence of Brown Rats, and to be honest I have NEVER seen Brown Rats in this area .. however, I know that they are pretty much everywhere ! Can anyone help identify the occupants ?

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I forgot to mention that we counted 11 entrance holes within a 15m x 3m area. I am experienced with badger, fox, weasel, stoat etc but have never come across something like this, the maize/sunflower game cover is pretty much over now and as you can imagine, well used and very dry and withered ... I know that Badgers eat the sweet corn cobs and hundreds of finches and buntings enjoy the sunflower heads.
I must STRESS that this has been found on an active game shoot, however, the Gamekeeper (part time) is not big on pest control other than foxes. I have NOT mentioned this den as I do the BTO Bird Track and the Mammal Society surveys and I am really keen to map and catalogue all bird and mammal species on this 8,000 acre estate.

Steve Mumford

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Size, number of holes and such aside just the position, amongst a game feeding area screams rat.

Graham Banwell

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