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Clustered Bonnets?

Observed: 25th December 2011 By: MartincitoMartincito’s reputation in Fungi and LichensMartincito’s reputation in Fungi and LichensMartincito’s reputation in Fungi and LichensMartincito’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Crenulate margin
Growing at base of sweet chestnut
2-tone stem
Spore print
Spores in Melzer's

Large groups of grey/brown mushrooms growing at base of a Sweet Chestnut tree. Conical/bell-shaped cigar-brown striate caps with ragged paler margin, about 2 cm across. Some more the colour of milky coffee. Buff 4 cm long stem, paler at top with white specks, no ring, equal approx 3 mm diameter, brown and fibrous towards base. White broad well-spaced adnexed/emarginate? gills with wavy edges. White spore print. Subglobose/ovoid patterned spores, light green in Melzer's (weakly amyloid or inamyloid), 6-8 x 4-6 microns. Q = 1.0 - 1.67.Crenulate margin


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Mal, Janet, I am SO pleased you agree with my ID. I've spent ages on these mushrooms including remeasuring the spores. It was finding this page that did the trick for me but when I posted the observation I was still far from sure about it. Thanks very much! Martin

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I have to admit Flaxton gave me this link a couple of months ago when I was struggling with a mycena ( that didn't appear in any of my books so its thanks to him really!

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I have the link to the web

I have the link to the web site, Fungi of Switzerland, Funga Nordica and Mycena D'Europa and I STILL have trouble with many of them. It is enjoyable trying though. You will need to examine the cystidia soon;).

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Can't wait!

I tried looking at a piece of the gill of a mushroom from the Co-op recently but could only see a lot of cells mixed up with spores and nothing like a basidia or whatever. More practice obviously needed, although now I've added a mechanical stage to my microscope it is a lot easier to find edges etc than randomly nudging the slide.

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Mal, I just spent 30'

Mal, I just spent 30' googling those references but could only find book sellers or lists of books. Are they private links or could they be shared with a small group of fellow enthusiasts?

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Martin Sorry I meant I have

Sorry I meant I have the link to the Norwegian Mycena site plus the others as hard back books.