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Observed: 8th June 2010 By: chipoilchipoil’s reputation in Birds
Rock pipit

Pipit species spotted on the coast at Mevagissey, Cornwall.

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The dark legs are the easiest

The dark legs are the easiest way of spotting this often overlooked species

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Thanks for the tip. I did

Thanks for the tip. I did compare both meadow and rock pipit species but couldn't make the exact I.D. The differences seem so subtle.

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another tip

The streaking on the Rock Pipits chest and belly appears smudged, whereas that of the Meadow Pipit is always more clearly defined.

Please see my Flickr photo's

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Good to hear...

It's good to hear these I.D hints and tips, most guides don't cover these kinds of nuances.

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I'd recommend Svensson - the

I'd recommend Svensson - the Collins guide with a black cover which has very good text