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Sea Eagle?

Observed: 9th January 2012 By: TamsinTamsin’s reputation in BirdsTamsin’s reputation in BirdsTamsin’s reputation in BirdsTamsin’s reputation in Birds
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Have heard mention that birds

Have heard mention that birds from this part of the world have been given the sub-species status Milvus migrans ssp lineatus (Black-eared Kite)

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More photos

This might well be a Black Kite / Black-eared Kite, but identifying raptors from single photographs is notoriously difficult, if more images are available it would be great if these can be posted.


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Black Kite

More photos would be good if they are available, but I would be extremely surprised if this turned out to be anything other than a Black Kite.
The race most likely to be found in southern India is Milvus migrans govinda (or Pariah Kite), although it is possible that M. m. migrans and M. m. lineatus may both reach the area during the winter. M. m. lineatus is least likely to be the ID of this one, because that race has the most obvious white patches under the primaries.

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The people who live nearby

The people who live nearby say these are some kind of sea eagle. Will try and get a better photo.


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Not a sea eagle.

Things that alll "sea eagles", which are all species in the genus Haliaetus, have in common are; (1) A large, heavy bill. (2) A wedge shaped tail. (3) Very broad wings.
The bird in this photo does not show any of these. There are probably White-breasted Sea-eagles in the area, but this isn't one of them!