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Green Shieldbug_01

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Green Shieldbug_01
Green Shieldbug_02

Reddish antennae and dark wing membranes. On ivy.

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The dark blobs on the bases of the wingcases look odd. As does the pale edging to the thorax. This species turns purplish brown in winter, and reverts to emerald in spring. So your specimen is 'all wrong' from the start. Not sure what else it can be though. It would be even wronger for Nezara viridula.

Richard Jones

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Was the Ivy being Disturbed?

No, undisturbed ivy in the local churchyard. The plant was enjoying a bit of January sunshine and was relatively warm.

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Green Shieldbug

Could this just possibly be a hybrid between Palomena prasina and Nezara viridula – the Southern Green Shieldbug? British Bugs Gallery list the latter as a recent arrival in the UK; depending on state of maturity, it can have dark marks at locations encompassing those here.
Or this might just be a P. prasina whose nymph didn’t fully lose its black markings.

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The Spotted Green SB

Its a brave soul, and an early(ish) siting given latitude - these are dependant on extracting plant juices from leaves for dinner. I am struggling to see any of the distinctive 'dots" at the top of the shield ,. It looks like some sort of bilateral injury possbly a sun scorch from rain drops it could less likely be as said, a development hang up. I doubt its a Hybrid -check out the NBN distribution of the Southern GSB and its very locally restricted South , Interesting Mystery

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