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Carrion Crow or Raven??

Observed: 4th November 2011 By: Jared1970Jared1970’s reputation in Birds

It was quite large!

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Carrion Crow or Raven ?

Hi Jared1970, the Raven is a massive bird with a head and bill to match. It is unlikely that you would encounter one in the area where the image was taken. Most are seen in upland areas to the west of England, Wales, the Lake District and Scotland.

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Okay...thanks for the info :)

Okay...thanks for the info :)

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While agreeing with Chris I

While agreeing with Chris I just wanted to point out that raven does occur as a coastal species in the southwest including Dorset

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I'll look out for one next time I'm down that way, are there any particular likely spots to view one?

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There were three young birds

There were three young birds at Hengistbury Head in December and Dulston Country Park is a good spot for Raven and Peregrine

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Both reasonably local to me, I'll keep a keen eye out next time I'm that way, thanks.

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See & hear them here

but not fast enough with the camera:(

Hazel Trevan