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Observed: 2nd January 2012 By: alymacalymac’s reputation in Mammals

A whale, obviously, but which one?

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Southern blue whales should

Southern blue whales should be in Antsrctica in January
Did it show its tail at the end of the dive sequence and did the blow occur before you saw the tail?

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I have a video, it blew before surfacing around 3 times, and then dove with the tail coming well out of the water.

Blue Whale

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That is characteristic of

That is characteristic of blue whales the only other large whales that show the fluke during the dive sequence are humpback and sperm (which hangs vertically before diving)
As others have said the fin is fairly characteristic of blue whale and the dive sequence eliminates other roquals so congrates on seeing one of the worlds rarest creatures and the largest animal every to have existed

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Blue whale

An excellent and very lucky observation.

Graham Banwell

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