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Book Review

I have noticed on another Fungi forum that they have a book review section which is very informative.I thought that maybe we could have the same but then do a sub section within it so as to include all the groups on iSpot ie Bird's,Plants ect.I think this would be useful to all users as there are so many reference books out there and if you a beginner you don't want a book that is very in-depth just a general guide.I have started to buy books on specific species (Genus) were fungi are concerned and they are rather expensive to buy and I purchased mine after reading the reviews on them that were on The association of British fungi Group.I know you have a list but it does note have any reviews on it and I think more people would see it if it was in the forum section.I also think that the reviews will be more honest if they are from iSpot users and not the ones you read on-line when looking for the book concerned.We have some very knowledgeable experts in all section plus non expert's so cannot see that we would have a problem setting this up.