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Feed it

It will need a little bit of un-salted meat or some cat or dog food so that it can make it through any "cold snap" we might have before the spring. As long as you do not move it memory will take it back to the place it was sleeping in.


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Was about to say the same but the cat food cannot have fish in it,I use the sachet's they love the chicken or beef ones,if you use dried cat food put a bowl of water out for it.


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Hi,I had no pet food to


I had no pet food to offer it but I did have cooked fat from pork chops left over from those in the house that dont eat the fat, I thought the high calorie pork fat would be a good boost for it and I left it beside it, both are gone this morning.


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I found one in a flower border close to where my partner was working as a chef. It got raw beef and un-curled in an instant and ate the lot.


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Semi-hibernating animals will come out on mild days to feed over winter. The worry is that the mild winter we are having will coax animals out of their semi-hibernation perminantly - not good if we have a bad spell in February or March.

On the point of feeding, please do. However, be aware if you have rats around it is best not to put cooked meat out as it will attract them into your garden, better to use dried pet food, but as mentioned, also make sure you put water out.

Graham Banwell

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