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Cladonias in Haldon

Observed: 21st September 2011 By: ch7343
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Beautiful lichen on woodland floor, near moss.


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Two species

There are two species here and if Yashca had named Cladonia coniocraea in the revision title I could have clicked agreement. The other is C. fimbriata, with which I have now agreed.


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I was far too nervous to post

I was far too nervous to post it with any degree of certainty - very new to lichens. I'll have to be braver next time.

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I'd encourage that, using "It might be this" if you feel hesitant. I have learnt a lot about lichens by doing this, although "a lot" is just the tip of an intimidating iceberg (a lichenberg?). First of all, submitting an ID makes you think more carefully about it. And then you have the most valuable lessons - the wrong IDs, which focus your attention on something overlooked (eg confusing isidia for soralia in my case) or you didn't know about.

Of course, this relies entirely on the willingness, time, patience and enthusiasm of experts and knowledgeable folk, without whom we'd still be left wondering. So, once again, a big thank you to those people!


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Thank you!

I am now all enthusiastic about looking for, and naming, more lichens, particularly Cladonias. (It has also taken me a while to work out how to find your comments - sorry to be so slow in my thanks!)