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Skye (25)

Observed: 4th May 2011 By: 2seebugswithme2seebugswithme’s reputation in Birds2seebugswithme’s reputation in Birds
Skye (25)
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Oops.. I think you're right

Oops.. I think you're right Chris. I've just spent the morning watching
Yellowhammers and Reed Buntings and I've got them on the brain. Lets
call it a senior moment :(

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I'm not sure either

I'm not sure either but I have done a big blow up and I think I can see the legs which are longer than a buntings.

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The median covert pattern is wrong for a Reed Bunting and the white in the tail rules out Corn. This is a Meadow Pipit, but the beak is appearing thicker, as it is slightly out of focus.


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Blowing it up it is clearly a

Blowing it up it is clearly a meadow pipit - the way the light is hitting the bill has caused the confusion

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I'm particularly embarrassed,

I'm particularly embarrassed, as I posted a Meadow Pipit sighting only

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Don't be

Don't be, I think the light made the bill appear stubby.