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Coypu - River Mammal

Observed: 23rd March 2010 By: afishwishafishwish’s reputation in Mammalsafishwish’s reputation in Mammals
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River mammal swimming around the freshwater channels of the Venice Verte in France. There are two visible in the photograph (see close-ups) but there was at least one other in the same area. As our punt approached they hid in the tree roots of the canal wall.

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My old mate the coypu, They

My old mate the coypu,
They say that he's a pest.
But out of all the rodents,
He's the one I love the best.

(doctor spacetoad)

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Thanks for the poem.

It made me smile.


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I have to say when I first saw this on my list of unread posts my heart skipped a beat. There are the odd report of coypu in Britain every year but so far none have been substantiated, probably rats or otters. Thankfully this one is in France.

I remember the problem these animals caused along our rivers, destroying riverside vegetation habitats and causing erosion. One of the first jobs I had was at a reserve in Sufolk in the 1980s. There we had live coypu traps set but it was at the end of the eradication programme and all we caught were water voles which we carefully released back into the water courses, possibly a little scared but definitely fatter after a free meal!

The only wild coypu I have seen have been in France.

Graham Banwell

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