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Peziza (possibly), on a Roof

Observed: 7th January 2012 By: DevonianDevonian’s reputation in Fungi and LichensDevonian’s reputation in Fungi and LichensDevonian’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Jelly Fungus

Looks like typical Jelly Ear fruiting bodies, but growing out from under some roof tiles.
Can anyone say whether this fungus can grow without having wood to feed on? Or does the infestation have to originate in the roofing timbers?


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Would say it is more likely to be a Peziza


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It definitely is growing out

It definitely is growing out of the laths under the tiles. Not much can grow on concrete!

Nevertheless it doesn't look convincingly like Auriculae auricula-judae to me, with those small crenellations. I'd say you need to get hold of a bit, and put it under a microscope.

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It seems to be growing on moss. I think the fruit body on the right, halfway up one of the tiles, makes it likely that the mycelia have only penetrated the moss, not the rafters.


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I very much appreciate all the comments that have resulted from this posting.

As there has been plenty of support, and good evidence for the identity of these specimens being Peziza I shall change the title of this posting accordingly.

Oh,if my neighbour does remove this fungus I shall make sure that I end up with a sample and see if it can be identified to species level.

Particular thanks to AlanS!