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Observed: 19th September 2008 By: NaTuReNaTuRe’s reputation in Mammals
wood mouse2
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I don't think the extra pics

I don't think the extra pics help. It looks like a young animal. The key point is the amount of yellowish-brown on the chest - both species have some, but in sylvaticus it is a small central stripe and in flavicollis a broad band right across between the front legs. That bit is just not visible.



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I see- thanks for the advice.

I see- thanks for the advice.

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This is a young mouse, look at the length of those back legs in comparison to the body! Unfortunately, you are within the range of both mice so it could be either. In a mouse as young as this the band of a yellow-necked mouse would be a greyish smudge so it may not be so obvious anyway.

Graham Banwell

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