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Rock Dove chick

Observed: 7th January 2012 By: PetePete’s reputation in BirdsPete’s reputation in Birds

Found below a large fir tree. I know these birds can lay eggs at any time of year, but wonder if the relatively mild winter weather has promoted this.

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Are you certain?

Are you certain it's a Feral Pigeon rather than a Woodpigeon? The date suggests Feral Pigeon is more likely but the nest site suggests Woodpigeon. Woodpigeon can have young into December so I wouldn't discount this species given the mild winter.

I haven't seen enough pigeon chicks of this age to be able to agree or disagree with the identification from the photos.


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Yes I did think Woodpigeon

Yes I did think Woodpigeon also. There are certainly many in the area. Photos of Feral Pigeon chicks I have seen on the internet look very similar to this chick. I haven't yet found photos of Woodpigeon chicks of this age, though, to compare.

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They all look much the same

They all look much the same at this stage, and the habitat is much more like WP than RD. You would be better revising the ID to genus, I think, unless you can see an adult at the nest.



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