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Peregrine falcon.

Observed: 5th August 2011 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Birdsnightfly’s reputation in Birdsnightfly’s reputation in Birds
5 Aug 11 (6)
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I saw one yesterday fly straight through a flock of intention of taking one, just seemed to enjoy putting them up. I'm not sure your sighting can be agreed with, from the picture, but a great thing to see!


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Hi Ophrys, Yeah I understand

Hi Ophrys,

Yeah I understand its not a good enough image for agreements to be made, peregrines are commonly encountered at the place this pic was taken and I'd say I saw this bird several times during the summer. Those hooded crows basically hit the deck in fright, to avoid being knocked out of the air, some of them landed only 10 or 12 yards from me, but as soon as the falcon was out of view they were up and away.

Cheers for comment.