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Viper's bugloss (Echium vulgare)

Observed: 1st August 2008 By: KelsaeJohnKelsaeJohn’s reputation in PlantsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in PlantsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in PlantsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in Plants
Vipers bugloss

This was a very rare plant in this part of the country and only grew in the particular conditions created by the clay material used in the production of bricks in the adjacent brickworks

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After you type in the Common name the drop down should help you find the Scientific Binomial these are very precise Interesting example the NBN shows the map for 2168 Viper's Bugloss Hadena irregularis but the common name also refers to the plant which is a Moth as well as a Plant - the right map Echium vulgare will now load .



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Binomial (Viper's Bugloss)

Yes, thanks Wildlife Ranger. I think, on this occasion, I just forgot!