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Lecania naegelii?

Observed: 21st December 2011 By: gardenergardener is knowledgeable about Fungi and Lichensgardener’s earned reputation in Fungi and Lichensgardener’s earned reputation in Fungi and Lichensgardener’s earned reputation in Fungi and Lichensgardener’s earned reputation in Fungi and Lichens
z Lecania naegelii 111221-19 spC5b
Q Lecania naegelii 111221-4b

Small pinkish apothecia on Ash twig


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Looks correct

but I wouldn't name this species without checking the spore septation.


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Lack of microscope skills

Having spent the last three hours peering down the microscope at several sections I still haven't found a spore to check.......asci yes, paraphyses yes but not a spore in sight.

I know its been nearly a year since I used the microscope but this is sad!
(About to section a nice big Xanthoria app for reassurance)

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Is this what lies ahead of me if I invest in a microscope to further my lichen obsession? Hours of nothingness? Please tell me I'm wrong!


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Not nothingness!

Its more like Alice disappearing down the rabbit hole into a totally fascinating new universe!

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That's what I wanted to hear! Now I just have to decide which model(s), and that seems to be a rabbit hole in itself.

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And then ...

you move on to Lecidea and Porpidia and you find "Hours of nothingness" was exactly the right description ...


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Immature spores

There are certainly immature spores in the asci in your added photo. They don't show septation yet, but in view of their evident length and shape I do now confidently agree the lichen is L. naegelii.

To be honest, the thallus looked exactly right in the first photo and I was probably being ultra-fussy, but I find Lecania spp. generally should be checked.


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Thanks Alan. I found a

Thanks Alan.
I found a similar specimen on a different twig and that also had asci's packed full of immature spores...... ):