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Green Lichen

Observed: 31st December 2011 By: hels
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Green foliose Lichen

Found on large rocks at top of the beach


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Species with which Xanthoria parietina interacts


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Not sure about this

With the very lobulate centre even though no isidia, I don't think we can rule out X. calcicola.

On balance I slightly prefer X. parietina but I am not going to add agreement.


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Nudge, nudge

Whilst we're on this genus: I don't want to seem pushy or demanding, but I'd welcome anything from gardener or AlanS or Brian or indeed anyone else, on this:


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I did look at this

and decided it doesn't exist, never has existed, and so doesn't need to be thought about.

Discover that you have had a period of several hours that you cannot account for, during which you and your camera appear to have gone to the seaside, then I might add agreement.


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That's fine - makes it all the more interesting. I'll revisit it and hurl bleach at it and hack it from its hold and buy a microscope... and I'll still be clueless and curious.